To save energy is the most profitable investment that currently exists.

Do you want to Save Energy?

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Energy audits

We can manage your project from the beginning, with an audit, and until the end executing the whole installation and energy management.

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Subsidies and funding management

Investments in efficiency are subsidied by public administrations. In IPSOM we have long experience in the obtaining of these funds for energy saving projects. Any efficient action can be subsidied.

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Integral energy saving projects

Our aptitudes allow us to perform an integral approach to your energy efficiency project. We are an instrument to achieve success energy saving and efficiency projects.

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Energy managament systems

Implementation of an Integral System that gives us access to energy planification, control, execution and revision. Currently UNE 16001, and soon ISO 50001, for quality energy management.

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Invoice and supply management

Control of energy and capacity billing, negotiation and optimization of energy supply contracts. A correct management of your power supply allows for a higher productivity of energy management and lower prices.

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