The industrial sector is responsible for 31% of energy consumption. This sector intensively uses electric motors, wich account for 60% of the industrial consumption and have large saving potentials.


Energy consumption in buildings is mostly originated by heating, cooling and lighting. In all these fields there are high saving potentials through action on use and efficiency.


The plastics industry chain value is energy intensive, both in intermediate product and in final product manufacturing. In Ipsom we have experience in energy savings of around 20% in the plastics industry.


Extractive industry

The extractive industry has a high energy intensity, therefore even small improvements in energy use lead to big economic profits.


The chemical industry is an heterogeneous sector in which energy use can account for 5 to 50% of total costs. This is why a detailed assesment of each case is necessary.

Health care

Energy consumption in Spanish hospitals ranges between 180 and 580 € per bed and year, wich makes up 2% of the country’s total consumption. It is not difficult to reduce this consumption by 20% through adecuate measures.