In Ipsom we believe it is possible to construct a sustainable world.
We believe the routes to this goal are commitment, honesty and talent.
We live in a world growing on limited resources. Resources must be replaced by knowledge and this is only possibe if we will for it.
In order to achieve something, you have to want it. Do you want to save enrgy?
Do you want to take part in the construction of a sustainable world?

In Ipsom we have a cooperation and colaboration policy based on mutual profit between customer and supplier. Whether we are customers or suppliers we always proactively provide value and profit to our colaboration.

Some of our partners:

We are looking for partners at a national level (manufacturers, distributors of efficient products or marketers).

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En Ipsom conocemos el mercado a fondo y sabemos como optimizar la tarifa y el precio energético. Si hay errores en su facturación, reclamamos a su favor.